About the webinar

Join Admiral (ret.) Mike Rogers as he communicates the importance of developing and executing a threat-aligned cyber security plan. While the traditional method of building cyber security capability has been based on compliance frameworks and meeting regulatory obligations, Admiral Rogers will cover the aspects of today’s complex cyber and geopolitical threat landscape which necessitate a more strategic approach to defending against threats to your organization. The importance of cyber security has never been more pronounced than it is today, with almost daily reports of breaches and ransomware victims experiencing extended disruptions. We’ll cover how you can combat these threats by identifying what types of malicious actors are targeting your organization and how you can strategically structure your defenses.

Key learnings:

  • Understanding the difference between a compliance-based security posture and a threat-aligned operating model
  • Strategies for identifying types of threats actors who may be targeting your organization
  • Some of the latest threat actor activities contributing to the heightened need for a focus on cyber security