The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform delivers next-generation endpoint protection with unrivalled speed, scalability and visibility. Built on cloud-native architecture, Crowdstrike is SaaS delivered, enabling organizations to defend against today’s most sophisticated and stealthy attacks.

CyberCX and Crowdstrike

CyberCX partners with CrowdStrike to provide a mature, innovative and proven managed endpoint detection and response (MEDR) solution.

CyberCX delivers an end-to-end managed process for finding and managing security threats across the entire threat lifecycle.

Benefits of partnership to a customer

The CyberCX partnership with Crowdstrike

  • CyberCX’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) Platform utilises the power of automation and data analytics to enhance any CrowdStrike deployment. We utilise automation tools to ingest appropriate CrowdStrike data into our MEDR Platform (powered by Splunk), enabling this data to be fully utilised for detection and response
  • Based on our extensive working knowledge of CrowdStrike technology, CyberCX can assist in assessing requirements, establishing an endpoint and response capability right through to delivering an outcome based MSSP service. CyberCX have the people, processes and tools to help an MEDR requirement
  • Maximise the value of any security investments is critical for all organizations. CyberCX can detect CrowdStrike functionality that is not fully utilised, proactively recommend recently released product capabilities and features, and taking advantage of operational efficiencies
  • CyberCX can operationalise your CrowdStrike deployment in hours. This will free teams from the treadmill of deployment, maintenance and updates
  • Detecting unprotected endpoints can improve security control coverage. CyberCX leverages an asset discovery capability, to detect potentially unknown assets within a customer environment and provide recommendations to ensure the broadest and most effective coverage possible
  • CyberCX delivers automation of configuration comparisons. Comparisons against a constantly evolving baseline ensures that a MEDR solutions can remain optimally deployed and in-line with CrowdStrike best practice guidance.

Certifications / Credentials

We are a Focus partner of Crowdstrike and one of the most highly certified and capable Crowdstrike partners in Asia Pacific.
CyberCX is one of only a few providers of an end-to-end Managed Service specific to the CrowdStrike technology.

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