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Vulnerability Assessments

Achieve awareness of your current security posture with vulnerability assessments that use the latest scanning technologies to identify vulnerabilities in your network and applications.

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Vulnerability Assessments Services

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessments

Achieve validation that your vulnerability management activities are in-line with best practices and you’re keeping up with newly released patches.

By scanning and identifying all assets with a defined range of IP addresses, vulnerability assessments can locate rogue devices on your network that are not listed as authorised assets.

Help achieve and maintain compliance against a range of cyber security standards including PCI-DSS, ISO27001, NIST and others.

More easily identify and review the creation of suspicious new local users, which may indicate a potential security threat.

Vulnerability assessment scanning will reveal all installed certificates, as well as expiration dates, enabling timely certificate renewals.

When other systems in your environment know that certain machines are vulnerable to certain threats, it allows more efficient incident response in the event of a breach.


Vulnerability Assessments overview

A vulnerability assessment is a process that scans your digital assets in search of known vulnerabilities. These are the vulnerabilities most commonly exploited, resulting in data compromise, system down time and reputational damage.

Vulnerability assessments allow you to identify, quantify and prioritize weaknesses within your network, applications, systems, websites, databases and other infrastructure.

  • Do you need assurance that you are protected against the majority of critical vulnerabilities hackers are currently exploiting?
  • Do you want a prioritized list of vulnerabilities so you can pro-actively strengthen your cyber resilience?
  • Do you want confirmation that your patching activities are keeping pace with the threat landscape?

Vulnerability assessments help you achieve all these outcomes and more.


Scope of Vulnerability Assessments

CyberCX conducts Vulnerability Assessment scanning against a wide range of systems.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network vulnerability assessments focus on scanning your network hosts, including connected devices, to identify known vulnerabilities. This can also include virtual environments and their host configurations.

Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessments

Wireless network vulnerability assessments test for the presence of unauthorised wireless access points and review the security posture of your wireless network.

Application Vulnerability Assessments

Application vulnerability assessments include testing your web or mobile applications against OWASP’s Top 10 most prevalent vulnerabilities. Testing can be performed as an authorised or unauthorised user.


CyberCX Vulnerability Assessments Methodology

Our Vulnerability Assessments follow a 3-Step methodology using a variety of powerful scanning tools to effectively identify a wide range of known vulnerabilities in your environment.

Step 1 – Scoping

In this phase, we work with you to understand the business outcomes you seek to achieve with the vulnerability assessment. We will analyse the specific systems that will undergo the vulnerability assessment, including the way they fit within your broader environment.

Step 2 – Engagement

In this phase, we undertake the vulnerability assessment scanning, making sure all essential information is clearly communicated.

Step 3 – Post-Engagement

In this phase, we present the results of the vulnerability assessment scanning activities. Our reporting provides prioritized lists of the identified vulnerabilities in your environment, so you can begin actively remediating the flaws to harden your infrastructure.


Why CyberCX for Vulnerability Assessments?

CyberCX combines unmatched capabilities with a strong local presence to deliver outstanding results.

We work with you to determine what you need to achieve from your vulnerability assessment and develop a plan to ensure the activity aligns with your broader business goals.

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