Cyber Capability, Education and Training

Build general cyber security know-how, develop skills and uplift capability across your entire organization with industry-leading education and training to help meet your learning and development requirements.

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Security education, tailored to your needs

Develop cyber security resilience for all employees and your board, and technical security skills for your operations, development and management teams, with education and training tailored to you.

End-to-end expertise

CyberCX combines unified expertise from leading cyber security companies, bringing you knowledge across every major domain of cyber security practice.

Comprehensive training

Ensure every member of your workforce, all the way up to the boardroom, is trained and committed to protect your organization from cyber threats through off-the-shelf or customised solutions.

Unparalleled insight

Receive training from the most skilled, certified, highly qualified and globally recognized cyber security trainers and experts, ensuring your teams are up to date with the latest threats and solutions.


Discover the confidence of deep security insight

Keeping your organization and its assets secure relies on commitment and support from everyone. However, providing the right knowledge, pitched at the right level, can be a challenge.

Many solutions don’t account for your entire workforce. That’s why CyberCX provides organization-wide education and training support, backed by years of experience in learning and development, and our understanding of the local operating context.

Our solutions


Workforce cyber capability development

Boardroom to Basement

Receive a training program tailored and delivered to your requirements, so you can enact lasting change and upskill everyone in your business.

  • Organizational diagnostics to analyse existing policies and regulatory requirements
  • Identification of specific needs for your organization
  • Development of holistic education programs to meet a range of delivery formats to suit all learning objectives
  • Customised planning and delivery of comprehensive organization wide education programs

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Cyber practitioner skills

Build the capacity of technical, operations and cyber security teams with knowledge sharing from the United States’ most skilled, certified and highly qualified experts and instructors, leveraging years of front-line experience.


Cyber education roadmap and programs

Beyond purchasing a solution, you get dedicated program managers to collaborate on planning and deploying training across all personnel and media types, and improve your education and training ROI.


Board and executive cyber literacy

To ensure businesses continue to grow sustainably, boards and directors must address cyber challenges, opportunities and risks alongside other threats. Cyber security is a primary business risk that demands a comprehensive leadership focus. Stay ahead of cyber risk with a suite of courses designed to be delivered in person or remotely through our collaboration platforms, with innovative learning techniques customised to executive leadership.


Phishing awareness training and simulation

  • Undertake simple, effective and measurable phishing training to build your workforce’s resilience against the most effective contemporary hacking technique, phishing.
    • Phishing baseline assessment
    • Ongoing assessment and active reinforcement

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Cyber Incident Response Lifecycle

In the face of a deteriorating cyber threat landscape, it has never been more important to think about what your organization should do to prepare for a cyber incident.

Learn how your organization can achieve cyber resilience and preparedness.

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Why cyber education and training with CyberCX?

  • Expert knowledge: Expertise delivering context-rich training and education across industry, higher education, the military and intelligence
  • Customised solutions: Solutions purpose-built to deliver results by helping acquire, retain, develop and enhance knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Program management: Highly flexible options and delivery methods designed to deliver the right training in the right way
  • Training expertise: More than a quarter of a million users trained

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Trusted cyber security and cloud partner for enterprise and government

Expertise at scale

More than 1,300 cyber security and cloud professionals delivering solutions to our customers.

Eyes on glass 24/7

Continuous monitoring of your network across our 9 advanced security operations centers globally.

Help when you need it

Our incident responders handle over 250 cyber breaches per year.

Assessing your needs

Industry-leading experts conduct more than 500 baseline security assessments per year.

Providing credible assurance

Our exceptional team of ethical hackers conducts over 3,000 penetration tests per year.

Training the next generation

CyberCX is training 500 cyber security professionals over the next three years.


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Find out how CyberCX can help your organization manage risk, respond to incidents and build cyber resilience.