Microsoft is a global leader in software, on-demand cloud computing and cyber security technologies. The Microsoft portfolio enables secure digital transformation and secures the end to end technology landscape of organizations. Microsoft deliver secure outcomes across endpoints, private infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and cloud workloads.

CyberCX and Microsoft

CyberCX is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in leveraging Microsoft technologies. We provide secure digital transformation services powered by Microsoft Azure, and security services designed to secure a digital ecosystem utilising core Microsoft Security technologies.

As one of the leading pure play cyber security Microsoft partners in the region, CyberCX offers a comprehensive range of Microsoft consulting, implementation, cloud and managed security services. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) can leverage a suite of Microsoft technologies including: – Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, Active Directory, and Cloud App Security (CASB).

CyberCX is a specialist in providing Federal Government accreditation for Microsoft Azure.

CyberCX has a mature, certified Microsoft Cloud Security team with extensive and mature delivery and operational management capability, including:

  • eXtended / Endpoint Detection and Response (XDR and EDR)
  • Security Analytics (SIEM)
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Cloud Security
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • ISM PROTECTED Solutions

Unmatched Experience

Our highly qualified Microsoft cloud experts draw on years of experience in delivering the full range of end-to-end projects across all industry sectors

Dedicated Expertise

As a pure play cyber partner, the CyberCX value to our clients stems from our specialist and dedicated cyber skills focused on the Microsoft ecosystem

Tight Integrations

Faster time to value, increased efficiencies and greater return on your Microsoft technology investments due to the tight integration across the holistic suite

Scalable Value

Focus on embedding scalable processes that deliver value over the long term to all levels of your organization

Our credentials speak for themselves

CyberCX maintains a significant ongoing investment in our partnership with Microsoft, making us one of the most highly certified and capable partners in the Asia Pacific region. We currently maintain over 25+ certified Microsoft security professionals and 50+ experienced Microsoft security professionals.

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