In a cloud enabled world, identity is the security perimeter. Okta is a trusted platform that delivers software to secure every digital identity. That is one reason why the CyberCX and Okta partnership is important for anyone looking to secure their digital identity.

Okta empowers organizations to securely control who accesses critical information and business applications, while enhancing productivity and user experience.

CyberCX and Okta

CyberCX partner with Okta. As an Okta preferred services partner, CyberCX delivers to our clients the most reliable, scalable and secure identity service in market.

Okta is a proven, scalable and mature SaaS solution that can be deployed rapidly, whilst CyberCX is one of the most experienced and highly qualified identity solutions providers.

Benefits of partnership to a customer

The CyberCX partnership with OKTA helps our customer:

  • Reduce risks by effectively managing digital identities
  • Control costs and maintain appropriate system access to critical information and resources with a proven Okta technology
  • Access highly experienced professionals to lead, manage and deliver Identity and Access Management (IDAM) projects through the specialist CyberCX IDAM Practice.

Certifications / Credentials

CyberCX is a Gold status delivery partner and Select Solution Provider for Okta. We have delivered numerous Okta projects across the following industries:

  • Education
  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Government and the public sector.

The CyberCX team consists of 50 dedicated IDAM professionals, with an average of 15 years of experience delivering industry leading solutions.

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