The business case for conducting

Red Team Penetration Testing

As part of a Dynamic Risk Assessment 

Risk management is a discipline with an extensive heritage. At its core, it requires a high degree of visibility so executives and boards are able to make informed decisions.

A key challenge facing anyone involved in contemporary risk management is how to appropriately assess cyber risk. With technologies and threats constantly evolving, adopting a dynamic approach to risk assessments is the optimal way to ensure you have the visibility you require.

In this whitepaper, Murray Goldschmidt, Executive Director of Cyber Capability, Education and Training at CyberCX, examines red teaming activities.

Red teaming will be explored as an integral component within a broader dynamic risk assessment approach. The planning and execution of red teaming activities will be investigated, particularly within the context of the critical infrastructure sector. You will also gain invaluable insights into aligning risk management with technical assessments that can be applied to almost any organisation.

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