CyberCX US Speaker Series

The Anatomy of Cyber Attacks

About the webinar

Cyber criminals today are using two dominant cyber extortion strategies: ransomware and data theft extortion. CyberCX believes it is important to understand both, and their differences, to develop the most effective techniques for preparing and responding to cyber attacks. In a typical ransomware attack, the attacker disrupts the availability of a victim organization’s files or systems in order to significantly impact their operations. Data theft extortion involves the attacker stealing confidential information and threatening to share it in a way that will cause harm to the organization. Join us as we discuss the ways each of these attacks are carried out and the relevant strategies for responding to each type of incident.

Key learnings:

  • Understanding the cyber extortion ‘attack chain’ creates awareness of early warning signs.
  • If an attack is caught in its early stages, there is still an opportunity to stop subsequent attack stages.
  • For ‘big game hunting’ victims, the length of time between initial compromise and later attack stages can be longer, since criminals may work harder and more methodically for higher expected returns.

Date: Tuesday 25 October 2022

Time: 12pm

Duration: 1 hour

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