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External Network Penetration Testing

Securing your network against unauthorised intrusions requires strong perimeter defences.

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External Network Penetration Testing

Benefits of External Network Penetration Testing

Reduce risk

With perimeter breaches among the most common cyber threats, external network penetration testing helps your organization mitigate one of the most significant risks you are likely to face.

Allocate resources

Non-technical executives often require guidance when it comes to allocating scarce cyber security resources. External network penetration testing identifies the most critical vulnerabilities than need immediate remediation, enabling you to direct resources optimally.

Gain confidence

External network penetration testing will give you, as well as your suppliers and commercial partners, confidence that your internet-facing infrastructure, including valuable data, is appropriately safeguarded against unauthenticated intrusions.

Achieve compliance

Many national and international standards, including PCI-DSS, mandate regular external network penetration testing to ensure your organization is maintaining adequate security controls. External network penetration testing by CyberCX can help you achieve, prove and maintain compliance.

Achieve greater awareness

With networks expanding due to the expansion of internet-facing infrastructure, adoption of cloud services and increased outsourcing/remote-working arrangements, you will gain greater awareness of the parameters of your network, which is an essential first step to safeguarding its perimeter.


External Network Penetration Testing overview

Navigating how best to protect data and personal information in the face of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats is at the forefront of doing business. External Network Penetration Testing determines the extent to which your organization can thwart attacks from the Internet.

External Network Penetration Testing identifies vulnerabilities in your internet facing infrastructure, operating systems, applications and cloud services through a combination of manual and automated techniques to identify flaws or weaknesses.

Securing the perimeter of your internet-facing infrastructure is the most effective way to prevent unauthorised intrusions and subsequent adverse organizational impacts.

  • Are you concerned that unauthorised individuals may gain access to your organization’s network?
  • Are you seeking external validation that your internet-facing infrastructure is secure?
  • Do you want to reduce your organization’s exposure to a range of risks associated with network breaches?


What is External Network Penetration Testing?

Your organization’s network perimeter may be vulnerable to breaches if inadequately configured, patched and maintained.

Securing your internet-facing infrastructure, such as operating systems, cloud services, servers and firewalls, requires specialist testing capabilities. An external network penetration test identifies vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unauthorised individuals to gain access to your environment, damage your systems and exploit your business-critical data.

Using a combination of automated scanning and manual hacking techniques, our penetration testing team will attempt to identify and exploit security gaps that may exist within your network perimeter. The testing aims to replicate real-world threats and is conducted from the standpoint of an unauthenticated external actor with limited knowledge of your organization’s network infrastructure and systems.

You’ll receive detailed reports highlighting any identified vulnerabilities, prioritized by criticality, including recommended remediations. This will enable you to mitigate the risks to your network perimeter and will empower you to strengthen your security against a range of cyber-attacks.

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Why partner with CyberCX for Penetration Testing?

CyberCX combines unmatched Penetration Testing capabilities with a strong local presence to deliver outstanding results.

We understand every organization faces unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our Penetration Testing services to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Protect your digital assets and ensure operational resilience with comprehensive testing from our experienced team of certified testing experts.

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