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Social Engineering Assessment 

Social engineering involves manipulating individuals through psychological tactics to obtain unauthorised access, gain confidential information and perform actions that compromise the security of an organization. 

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Social Engineering Assessment

Benefits of Social Engineering Assessments

By incorporating social engineering assessments into your security program, you can better understand and mitigate the human-related security risks that are often exploited by adversaries. 

Identify vulnerabilities

Uncover vulnerabilities in your human-centric security defences, and highlight areas where employees may be more susceptible to manipulation.

Realistic threat assessment

Conduct a realistic simulation of how attackers might exploit human behaviour in your organization, enabling you to assess their readiness to defend against such attacks. 

Security awareness improvment

Conduct a valuable training exercise that raises your employees’ awareness of common tactics used by malicious actors and encourages them to be more security conscious.

Detection and response

Identify weaknesses in your organization’s response to social engineering attempts and take proactive measures to mitigate the risk of similar attacks.


What are Social Engineering Assessments? 

Social engineering attacks target flaws in the human psychology to trick authorised personnel into completing an activity without realising the request was made by an adversary. These attacks come in many forms, but the most common are phishing (email-based), vishing (voice-based) and smishing (SMS-based).

Our experienced consultants replicate these attacks through a collaborative exercise to enable your organization to assess the effectiveness of current training programs, and reinforce the importance of vigilant and security-aware behaviour.

The assessments replicate the tools, techniques and procedures of real-world adversaries, and are tailored to the strategic objectives, custom requirements, and technology landscape of each organization. With a social engineering assessment, you will receive a detailed report containing the results of the simulated attack, including all identified vulnerabilities, prioritized by criticality, along with recommended remediations.

This proactive approach not only helps prevent data breaches and unauthorised access but can also strengthen the overall security posture of your organization, minimising the potential operational, financial and reputational damages involved.


Social Engineering Assessment overview 

While technical controls can provide protection against many threats, human awareness and vigilance are essential to help mitigate the risks associated with social engineering attacks. Social engineering assessments can assist in achieving these outcomes and more.

  • How vulnerable are your employees to social engineering attacks, and can you identify potential weaknesses that need addressing? 
  • Do your employees recognize common social engineering techniques, and if not, should you invest in security awareness training? 
  • What is the effectiveness of your current security controls, policies and procedures in preventing and responding to social engineering incidents? 

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